This is Tic-Tac-Toe game implemented with bare bone ATmega168 micro controller. It works at lowest possible for this controller frequency 1 MHz . That allowed to power it directly from two AAA rechargeable batteries.  You may find some additional details in this blog post: http://www.jumbleview.info/2013/07/atmel-microcontroller-plays-tic-tac-toe.html

Step 1: Components

All electronics is mounted on a RadioShack component PC Board 276-168.

Here is the list of other components:

 Central processor ATmega 168 
 Nine Bi-polar bi-color 5mm Green/Red LEDs. 
 RadioShack 2 AAA battery holder  270-398
 Nine resistors 51 Ohm 0.25 W (0.125 W is OK as well)
 Panasonic  EVQ-WTEF2515B Encoder 
 Ceramic capacitor 0.47 uF.
 RadioShack slide switch 275-409
 Male headers 2.54 mm to make six contacts ISP header. 
 RadioShack 2-pack 14-PIN IC socket (optional, just to have the possibility to reuse controller  on other projects).
 Hook-up 26 gauge wire  and 30 gauge wire  .

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