Step 5: Download Waveform Generator Application

Picture of Download Waveform Generator Application

If you are using the EVAL-USB-64, you can download the waveform generator .hex file and move on to the next step

Alternative Path:

If you are using an alternative platform you will need to download and compile the source code. All the code is in a single .c file which is written to be compiled with AVR-GCC. If you are running on a Windows PC you can download the following two packages and compile and program the application on to your board.
1) Download WINAVR
2) Download AVR Studio IDE
3) Create new avr-gcc project in AVR Studio and paste the source code into the initial .c file
4) Compile (creates .hex file to load onto target device)

whstark4 years ago
I loaded C program seems to be missing h file got 37 errors and 19 warnings. Can you help.
wandererwolf (author)  whstark4 years ago
The only header files included in xmega-waveform-serial.c are provided by WinAVR/AVR-GCC. Could it be AVRStudio (or whatever build environment you are using) is having trouble finding the path to the header files? Usually, the compiler will tell you if it can't find a particular header file. If you email me your AVRStudio project file, I will check if everything is setup correctly.