Atmosphere Light / Candle Stickers


Introduction: Atmosphere Light / Candle Stickers

Hi everbody! this is my third project. i'm 17 years old and studying Industrial Product Design in The Netherlands. These stickers are for St. Nicolas. But you can also make the same for christmas etc.! I drew it on CorelDRAW X7. and printed it at a printshop for 2,75 euro.

Step 1: Get Your Design

I have found this picture on the internet and duplicated it a several times. you can also choose another picture from the internet.

Step 2: Transfer It to CorelDRAW X7

here is the document for CorelDRAW.

Step 3: Cutting the Picture

It was a lot of work to pull out all the little windows. so if you choose my design, make from the little windows just 1. that save you a lot of work!

Step 4: Result



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