This instructable will show you how to make an ALTOIDS TIN CAMERA! It is very easy to make. Please vote for me!
It says the video is private, can you please make it public, i really want to learn how to make a pinhole camera
I can make it public, but its not a pinhole camera, just a camera I stuck in an altoids tin. I reccomend looking up 'pinhole camera' on the search bar for instructables, theres tons of great ones on that particular subject :)
Two suggested alterations:<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>Make it point the lens through the lid, so that people see it's an Altoid tin when you press the shutter.</li><li>Lose the duct tape - it spoils the Altoid Tin aesthetic - and fix the camera in place with wads of <em>blu tac</em>.</li></ul>
Hey, I made do with what I had.
sry , but how do u vote?
On the 14 of September there will be something on the contest home page on how to vote (I think).
cool but maybe a bit too simple

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