Atoids Tin Camera


Introduction: Atoids Tin Camera

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This instructable will show you how to make an ALTOIDS TIN CAMERA! It is very easy to make. Please vote for me!



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    It says the video is private, can you please make it public, i really want to learn how to make a pinhole camera

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    I can make it public, but its not a pinhole camera, just a camera I stuck in an altoids tin. I reccomend looking up 'pinhole camera' on the search bar for instructables, theres tons of great ones on that particular subject :)

    Two suggested alterations:

    • Make it point the lens through the lid, so that people see it's an Altoid tin when you press the shutter.
    • Lose the duct tape - it spoils the Altoid Tin aesthetic - and fix the camera in place with wads of blu tac.
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    Hey, I made do with what I had.

    On the 14 of September there will be something on the contest home page on how to vote (I think).

    cool but maybe a bit too simple