Atomic Bracelet





Introduction: Atomic Bracelet

After making my necklace and earrings, I decided I needed a bracelet.  I decided over the weekend how I was going to make it, but not what it would look like.  So today I figured out my design and got my pieces all cut out.  I hope you like it; I sure do, and I'm excited about wearing it tomorrow :D

I made this at Techshop in SF!

Step 1: Supplies

There may be a few things you have to stop at Michaels to get to complete this project.  The circumference of my wrist is just less than 6 inches and the end bracelet is just the right size, so keep that in mind when deciding how many tiles you need.


Step 2: Designing Your Tiles

This is how I went about designing my bracelet.  Mine is attached in eps format.
  1. Make a rectangle with curved corners that is 2 inches by 1 inch.
  2. Place a circle in each corner that is about .09 inches in diameter.  Don't put them too close to the edge or it will cut off the shape.
  3. Decide on your symbol.  I was messing around and clicked on the "Symbol Sprayer Tool" and looked through the symbols.
  4. I chose "Atom 1" from the "Mad Science" symbol library.
  5. I deleted off all the extra junk, leaving just the lines of the atom by "Expand" and "Ungroup." Or, if given the option, "Break Link to Symbol" and "Make Clipping Mask." 
  6. When Left with your image, make it white.
  7. Meanwhile, make another rounded edge rectangle that has a fill of black and a white line, or no line.  Line that up in the center of the other rectangle.  Mine was 1.72 inches by .86 inches.
  8. Make your shape fit within the black rectangle without going outside it.
  9. I set mine up like this so that the image would be what isn't etched so it would stick out more.
  10. Send it to the laser cut it and cut out how many you need.

Step 3: Assembling

Now it is time to put the bracelet together.

To Assemble:
  1. Take your jump rings and start attaching your tiles together.
  2. When you have them all together attach two more jump rings on one end.
  3. Attach jump rings and your clasps to the other end.
  4. Done!  It isn't a lot, but it takes some patience.

Step 4: Wear

It isn't too hard to put on, but it depends on how tight it is and how thick your pieces are.

Wear and enjoy :)

(I tend to take a lot of pictures of my finished project to make sure I get at least one good one, so I like to use my last step to show off all the pictures.)



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I want to make this for my science teacher!!!

Nice! A guy at our lab does similar "negative" engraves.
The result is /beautiful/.

Does this have a clasp? It would be cool to do this with "a kerf bend". Maybe I'll try that this weekend :-P

Awesome! I would love to see it if you try it. I decided to use two lobster clasps that hook to two jump rings on the other end of the bracelet.

At first I was going to engrave the image, but I really wanted to pop and negative engraves are awesome! I will probably do that more often in the future.

A kerf bend is an interesting idea (I had to look it up). How do you think you would go about doing it with the bracelet?