Picture of Atomic Zombie's AfterBurner Chopper Bicycle
Another easy and affordable project! Transform a standard bike into something cool and unique in just a day or two - seriously! This is a great garage or backyard project that doesn't require special tools or skills, although basic welding is required.

This classic 1970's style chop was named and built by Enzo and Nathan (father and son team) from an old mountain bike that was found laying in the mud at the city dump.

Instead of the extended front forks, this chopper is roughly styled after the classic Raleigh Chopper bicycle with the straight frame and tiny front wheel. This project requires no extra tubing in the frame, and except for a few small add-ons, only requires cutting and welding two frame tubes.

Any mountain bike with 26 or 24 inch wheels can be used for this project. Besides replacing the seat and handlebars, you will only need a front wheel of any size smaller than the original rear wheel. A 16-inch wheel was chosen for this build.

Health Hazard
All welding processes produce fumes and gases to a greater or lesser extent. Galvanized steels produce added fumes from the vaporized zinc coating. Fumes from welding galvanized steel can contain zinc, iron and lead. Use precautions, including high-velocity circulating fans with filters, good ventilation, air respirators and fume-extraction systems.

More cool projects can be found at: and

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Step 1: Find a donor bike

Picture of Find a donor bike
The donor bicycle is a typical variety steel framed mountain bike. This frame is described as "uni-sex", but looks kind of "girlie" to me. Don't worry about it, dude, when we are done, that won't be the case.

The overall condition of this bike was fairly good considering it sat in a mud hole at the local dump, and was probably run over a few times by the bulldozer guy. This is a good thing, since we will be using everything but the front wheel, seat and handlebars.

bad apple5 years ago
all it needs now is a sissy bar. Awww, yeah.
Yeah, that would make it look awesome!
i call them sissy bars too :)
chevy794 years ago
CLunstrum333, No it isn't, but I have built 2 of them so far. And thanks for noticing.
sarliaee5 years ago
congratulations nathan! well done on building such a great bike!
They have a bike like this at the Boise bike Project here in Boise.

Just Curious: Is this the one in there?

555mst5555 years ago
now i know why he needs such a big a little of my thoughts
nobby_sk86 years ago
this is realy good and easy does any one now a way of modding some normal bars to make ape hangers? or a cheap web site
I've done this once and it works allright. Take some regular 2-piece BMX bars and take out the middle piece. It may weaken them though it essentially makes ape hangers.
I managed to buy some ape hangers for my girlfriends chop project at a bikers autojumble. I was after a new seat for a motorbike and spotted loads of ape hangers for between £5 and £10!!!! not bad. Autojumble is the way forward.
Mountain bike!? the original bike had no suspension, how is that a mountain bike. Apart from that a pretty good instructable, I am hoping to do a similar thing with a BMX i found in a skip bin.
You don't need suspension to class it as a mountain bike. The big knobbly tyres and gear range are enough
mkamchin6 years ago
how much did it cost
camb006 years ago
found some handle bars and they come in black and a saddel allthough not a phat 1 but sure this would look sweet!
Cam F7 years ago
The frame flips or turns in every pic!!! (~.~)
KoolKat (author) 8 years ago
Translation: This could be very well called “How to ruin a bicycle that worked perfectly”. On the contrary. It was found at a landfill site about to be thrown into a pile of scrap metal and, no, it didn't work "perfectly".
ditto!! the other guy hu made a zombie bicycle is wayyy koool
Thank, Koolkat. I prefer the first approach of the bike. Sobre gustos no hay nada escrito (on inclinations not to have swum writing,
pyroo55768 years ago
i like all this kinda stuff but i cant weld is there ny thing else i can do?
trebuchet038 years ago
Do you take out the BBs when you work on it? I couldn't tell from th picture - but I didn't see the bearings in the disassembly picture... Just wondering if you have a method to remove it... I don't have a BB tool and I've destroyed one BB already with a vice and wrench :/ --- Still makes me wish I had/could afford a welder :P
KoolKat (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
The main point of this design is to show how to modify and invert the frame by flipping the front half upside down to extend the rake (steps 3 to 5). For more info. on bottom brackets, see
KoolKat (author)  KoolKat8 years ago
KoolKat (author)  KoolKat8 years ago
and here - highly recommend spending some time on Sheldon's site. It's an awesome collection of info. on bike-related stuff. Use the search function to find specific info.
spinach_dip8 years ago
You glossed over the brake, but hey that can't be too important. :P From the pictures it looks like it was added as an afterthought. It's in the last pic, but not the second-to-last one So that's one rear brake, right? I suppose it's not a road bike or anything. What's a BB? ball bearings?
KoolKat (author)  spinach_dip8 years ago
Yep, one rear brake is all that this young builder wanted and he put it on mainly by himself, with a little help.
Bottom Bracket ;)
rimar20008 years ago
Esto podría muy bien llamarse "Cómo arruinar una bicicleta que funcionaba perfectamente".
Apparently you didn't see the chain beforehand :P