Step 32: Priming

Picture of Priming
The next few photos show you how to get a decent look from a spray can without having a proper area to paint. I hung the frame from the clothesline in the backyard with a bit of rope (Photo 32). Try to get the frame hanging in the center of your yard if possible, and move anything important at least 10 feet away from where you are painting. Windless, bug-free nights are best if you have such a thing in your area.

First, I take a can of metal primer, shake it vigorously, then just apply a light dusting using quick strokes at about 10 inches from the frame. Do not spray directly at the same spot. Always do it in strokes. The first coat of primer should look like it does in the photo, just a very light dusting, no more. Let it dry for 15 minutes.