Step 6: Fork extension

Picture of Fork extension
To extend the forks, I found a pair of 50-inch long lengths of 1.25-inch electrical conduit, and wouldn't you know, it fit snugly over the end of the lower fork legs (Photo 6). Because of this, alignment of the fork legs to the extension tube would be a "no brainer", just put them in place and weld. Since the front forks were to be longer than 4 feet, 1.25 inch conduit was just right. One-inch conduit would be a little too flexible for my taste. Muffler tubing would also work for this.

chef7 years ago
I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW what kind of conduit you used was was it emt.And as far as welding the conduit is it galvinized steel because everyone should know the hazards with welding galvinized steel.If its not galvinized than what kind of conduit does not have a galvinized coating
I also would like to know this.