Step 6: Tack Weld the Two Frames

I admit, there was no real plan here, just the idea of making a longer, taller frame for a chopper with extended forks. I decided to lay both bottom brackets on the ground and see where the head tube on the front frame would end up (Photo 6). The resulting layout was perfect! The bottom bracket was farther ahead, the head tube was nice and high, the rake was increased, and the distance between the head tube and seat was longer. I promptly tack welded the two frames together right where they sat, making sure vertical alignment was correct.
<p>How do you take off the fork of a bike?</p>
Cool project! good work.<br>You dont want wide wheels ?
du u arc or mig weld? oops i forgot, or tig?
&nbsp;That's pretty tight and I know a thing or two about bikes considering I race BMX. Good job with this one!
&nbsp;brilliant... a fine piece of engineering
sick liking the dubble sproket
That's seriously cool. If I had a bike like that I'd ride it all the time (walking is for suckers).
It doesn't take long to build this. Give it a try!
I'm thinking of something similar for a trike cause I'm tired of falling over with a standard 2-wheel with my box full of stuff. But I want it to look cool. Either that, or I'll make the Trike off-roadable.
ok my parents still make me wear a helmet and its one of the big fat ones does anyone have any ideas for one that looks halfway decent and still works?
Go to your local bike shop and look for one. I have one that's not too bad, and yet still works.
I'm 32 and wear a helmet. Mostly because a lot of people who get hit by cars or fall off when biking suffer crippling braindamage as a result. But get a cooler helmet.
It's good to wear a helmet...especially if you wipe out often, but that doesn't mean I wear one. Anyway, if it's one of those big skater helmets, you could do a custom paint job to match your bike, I'm sure any reasonable parent would accept your argument. Just sand down the existing paint (not all the way, just so it's rough)then spray paint a base layer, and paint whateever you want on top.
nice chop..so nice i made one for myself..but i used 24 inch frames..nd changed some parts...
Could this bike be made bigger by using larger frames?
TOP CHOP,....very artistic,...love the ghost sprocket.
i really like how clean your bikes are. They appear to be made from a factory. i'm working on a twelve footlong chopper right know. all i have to do is paint it. keep up the good work.
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sickkk im doin that to all my bikes in my garage
That looks deliciously dangerous.
cool thanks
would it be possible for a 13 year old to make this?
Depends. I know I could, but I don't know about the other 99% of kids in my school... (Then again, if you go here, then you can't be all bad :-) )
Absolutely! Basic welding is required, but if you know someone who can help you with that, you can easily build this in a weekend.
We use only a basic AC welder and a small angle grinder & drill. We don't recommend brazing at all for this type of work.
What type of welder are you using? I am looking at this for a winter project, but want to buy the right components... I'm torn between oxy-acetylene, arc, wire-fed... Don't know which one would be best for scrap projects like this...
Whoa! Cool stuff. Make sure you send us pics of your completed Hammerhead.
Aha! You have solved my goofy looky wheelie popping death machine problem.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://static.flickr.com/60/162009890_726f28e588.jpg">http://static.flickr.com/60/162009890_726f28e588.jpg</a><br/>I've been thinking of ways to stretch this and make it more ridable. I was planning on extending the stays, but some variation of the above will work much better. <br/><br/>Your book was what got me started on hacking bikes. I'm currently saving up parts to turn this: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://static.flickr.com/65/169664786_385a81144c.jpg">http://static.flickr.com/65/169664786_385a81144c.jpg</a> into a hammerhead.<br/><br/>You rock!<br/>
Another cool project from you guys. Just got your book a couple weeks ago and totally dig it. Highly recommended.
Thanks, fungus! Have you joined our online forum yet? It's a great way to connect with other builders, share ideas, ask questions, etc. Also, don't forget to send pics of your completed bike projects for the Builder's Gallery. Hope to chat with you there. Cool stencils, btw.
Nice! Do you flickr? This bike would be perfect for the Orange Bikes photo pool:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://flickr.com/groups/orangebicycles/">http://flickr.com/groups/orangebicycles/</a><br/>
Thanks for the link. Just uploaded some photos of this chop as well as an electric mini bike called Sparky that we just built.
another awesome build... I really love that extra chainring in there :P
Thanks! I'm just getting into hydroponics, so your projects are going to be a big help. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks guys! It wasn't easy finding a banana seat, though. Just lucked out at the dump one day.
Wow, I want one! Thats really cool!!

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