Ingredients: Patch {This Instructable uses a patch that I make and sell}. Needle {Size 10 "Betweens" work well for attaching patches}. Thread {48" for a 2.75" round patch, thread doubled for extra strength}. Thimble {Make a Duct Tape Thimble if you need one}. Base Garment {This Instructable uses my son's hoodie}.

Step 1: Positioning the Patch

It's your patch, put it anywhere you want. But to place a patch over your heart, or in the standard Name Tag Zone: Find the midpoint on the front-facing sleeve seam. {See the thumb in picture}. Draw a guide line towards the center of the chest that is perpendicular to the [imaginary] zipper. Find the midpoint of that guide line. That's your center.
Pin it if you need to. 
I have just bought a patch during one of my travels and want to stitch it on my bag. But when I got home I noticed that it does not have a pre-stitched edge (I bought it in a hurry so didn't notice at the time) How can I stitch it? Any help would be great!
Thanks, seeing it come around the back makes sense, i had a heck of a time with a scout patch - and there are more to come! :)

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