Cardboard tube ninja-type medieval armored warriors!

Full instructions are here: [/id/Cardboard-Armor/ Cardboard Armor]
its only a flesh wound
nice, reminds me of monty python
she turned me into a newt! *disgusting looks from everyone*, I got better...
Same here.
None shall pass.
you shall find us .... A SHRUBBERY!
cut down a tree with... A HADDOCK!
... isn't it a Herring?
just a flesh-wound, mm.
Ninja? I like this project, but I see no ninjas here. Maybe someone can tell me what is "ninja-like" about this. Also, yes, where'r the instructions?
we are knights of the fruit loom, we dance when we boom. we drink some wine, and have a good time. and about how here blue. its a boring job of coarse but we get to spam alot. we over price everything, but our products, are, amazing. but this song must end, so i can defend, the cash register with these song. so good bye and I'll see you alot. (i just came up with that i have no idea how)
Great for people who like SCA, but don't have the money for actual metal armor. Cardboard chainmail?
wait, is this part of the site new?
i guess so. instructables could do without it though
I'm not a fan of the fact that when i go to explore>recent it shows slideshows and such too, not just instructables/
i agree i would like some instructions at least in them
Well Noah's has some instructions.
I agree with everything you guys just said
Nicely, "Fruit of Loom" warrior :) I like it :)

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