Picture of Attack!
Cardboard tube ninja-type medieval armored warriors!

Full instructions are here: [/id/Cardboard-Armor/ Cardboard Armor]
slimguy3796 years ago
its only a flesh wound
EnigmaMax7 years ago
nice, reminds me of monty python
she turned me into a newt! *disgusting looks from everyone*, I got better...
Same here.
None shall pass.
you shall find us .... A SHRUBBERY!
cut down a tree with... A HADDOCK!
... isn't it a Herring?
just a flesh-wound, mm.
0gre6 years ago
Ninja? I like this project, but I see no ninjas here. Maybe someone can tell me what is "ninja-like" about this. Also, yes, where'r the instructions?
The Jamalam7 years ago
Sypran7 years ago
we are knights of the fruit loom, we dance when we boom. we drink some wine, and have a good time. and about how here blue. its a boring job of coarse but we get to spam alot. we over price everything, but our products, are, amazing. but this song must end, so i can defend, the cash register with these song. so good bye and I'll see you alot. (i just came up with that i have no idea how)
Doctor What7 years ago
Great for people who like SCA, but don't have the money for actual metal armor. Cardboard chainmail?
wait, is this part of the site new?
i guess so. instructables could do without it though
I'm not a fan of the fact that when i go to explore>recent it shows slideshows and such too, not just instructables/
i agree i would like some instructions at least in them
Well Noah's has some instructions.
I agree with everything you guys just said
Nicely, "Fruit of Loom" warrior :) I like it :)