A friend of ours was visiting from Winnipeg and telling us about her upcoming cosplay adventure. She is making a costume from the wildly popular anime Attack on Titan. Part of her props will be 3D Maneuvering Gear - a hip slung propellant driven motor and two cases for spare swords (they often get broken when cutting into the neck of those pesky Titans!). What was puzzling her was how to make the control handles for the 3DMG. That's just the kind of challenge I like to take on.

Armed with some anime from the internet, Corel Draw, a laser cutter, and a little bit of inventiveness, I came up with a suitable solution. I call it suitable, she called it awesome. This Instructable will provide step-by-step instructions on how you can make one too.

This 3DMG control is the kind of prop you carry around with you and show off to your friends.

I'm lucky enough to have access to Epilog Laser Cutters at TechShop. If you can't get your hands on a laser cutter, contact me and I can sell you the pieces to make your own 3DMG. You can do the sanding, gluing, and painting yourself - as I describe here. Or I could sell you an assembled one, if you don't want the fun of making it yourself. Contact me.

Let's go!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

To make this 3DMG you will need the following.


  1. Laser cutter - I use the Epilog at TechShop
  2. Small bar clamps - You could use other clamps, but parallel jawed clamps that don't twist are the best. You can make this with 1 clamp; 2 clamps is better; 3 clamps will be the easiest. In this Instructable I'll use just one.
  3. 220 grit sand paper and sanding block


  1. 3mm Baltic birch plywood. Two sheets, 24 inches x18 inches each
  2. Wood glue
  3. Gray primer spray paint - To look like gun metal
  4. Red-brown primer spray paint - To look like leather
  5. Black lacquer spray paint
  6. Clear shellac spray paint
  7. Black acrylic paint
  8. Brown acrylic paint
  9. A small and really small paint brush
  10. Optional - Blood red acrylic paint
  11. 4 inches of 1/8 inch drip irrigation tubing, black
<p>Hi, I'm magness, I just signed up and when I was strolling through, and then I saw ur attack on titan, twin blade swords, and 3DMG gear, they really look awesome. really truly. : )</p>
Hi,<br>Thanks for the nice comments. I enjoyed that project a lot.<br>Jim
I've never heard of that game (movie?) but it looks awesome
<p>You can find the English version of Attack on Titan on </p><p>http://dubbedanime.net/</p>
<p>You can find it on Netflix. A series of 24 (so far) episodes.</p>
<p>Its an anime.</p>
how much would it cost for an assembled one
these are great! thanks for leaving your files in the ible!
<p>Thanks for the nice feedback. If you make one, be sure to post a photo - I'd love to see what yours looks like.</p>

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