In April I had an energy audit done to my new home. One of the big findings was my house did not have enough insulation in the attic. There is a lot of heat exchange from the 2nd floor into the attic through gaps in the walls, light and electrical sockets and other areas. The company who performed the audit suggested to add an additional 8 inches of blown cellulose insulation in to the attic on top of the existing pink insulation bats that lay in between the attic floor joists. The problem is I would no longer be able to use the attic for storage(xmas decorations, clothes, ect.). So I decided to find a solution. After extensive research online I found there was not much out there that had been done or documented.

Step 1: The layout

In the picture it is clear there is a large space in the attic. In order for the cellulose insulation to work at its best it can not be compressed. So I decided to build a floating storage platform. I used a plum-bob from the center point in the roof and made a center line. Next I measured from that line just shy of 6 feet to both sides. I then cut 4ft lengths of 2 x 4 to create the studs.

<p>Looks like there's actually a lot of prep work before the insulation can even be put in. After all that effort, here's hoping that you save on your heating and power bill!</p>
<p>Will your storage space be compromised once you put the insulation in? It looks like after the padding got put in that you still have a lot of room though!</p>
I do have less storage but the alternative was none. I completed it last year and it works well. The insulation made a huge difference in heating bills and general comfort.
<p>looks like lots of usable storage.</p><p>Though, before people at home go out and do this. I would suggest making sure it's okay for your trusses. I know some trusses don't like holes being poked in them or additional weight being loaded on them.... I'm far from a structural engineer, but at least that's what I've heard/read.</p><p>Anywho. Looks like a good build and solved your problem! </p>
<p>Nice fix, I bet it helps this winter quite a bit!</p>

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