Introduction: Attractive Flower Pot

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We can make a simple and elegant flower pot for our garden from plastic bottle and thin plastic rope.

Materials Required:

1. Thin plastic rope

2. Red and Yellow colour

3. Plastic bottle

4. Blade

5. White lace(optional)

Step 1: Painting the Rope

Picture of Painting the Rope

1. Take the rope and paint some them red and some of them yellow.

Step 2: Making the Base Pot

Picture of Making the Base Pot
  1. Take a plastic bottle having rectangular base.
  2. The base portion is cut out.
  3. Many vertical slits are made on the sides of the cut out part alternately.
  4. The colored rope is inserted in and out and through the slits and the side is fully covered.
  5. The rope is inserted such that the red and yellow colors come alternately.
  6. At last lace is pasted on the top edge of the pot.
  7. Your garden pot is ready.


This is really cute! I'd love to see a picture of it before you weave the yarn in, if you have one.

These are images that I have taken now just to show you. But I used a square based bottle before.

Awesome, thanks! You should post them in the Instructable too!

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