Introduction: Audio Amplifier Using TDA2050 32 Watt

Picture of Audio Amplifier Using TDA2050 32 Watt

Audio amplifier using TDA2050 IC max output of 32Watt

Step 1: Components List

2x1K Resistors
2x22k Resistors
2x1000uF Capacitor
1x2 Ohm Resistor
1x0.47uf Cap
1x20K Potentiometer
1xBridge Rectifier

Step 2: Power Supply

Picture of Power Supply

The circuit uses a dual power supply to build the power supply use a 12V 5Amp transformer which gives a output of +12 And -12 Volt

Step 3: TDA2050

Picture of TDA2050

The IC gives a maximum power of 32Watt at 4ohm use a heatsink for the IC it gets very hot while in opration

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

Use circuit diagram to build the circuit you can also build this circuit on breadboard

Step 5: Stereo Use

For stereo application you can build a same copy of this circuit for the other channel

Step 6: OUTPUT

Picture of OUTPUT

use a box enclosed speaker at output it gives a better bass output

Step 7: Sound Test Video

Step 8: Building the Circuit on Zero PCB

Picture of Building the Circuit on Zero PCB

For a good connection than breadboard we can build this circuit on Zero PCB


baotrangl (author)2016-08-17


my amplyfier used TDA2050A are buzzing. please tell me the cause?

CircuitToday (author)baotrangl2016-08-17

Check for any shorts.if its ok try adding capacitors to the power supply

DakuluD (author)2016-01-29

The ori version of TDA2050 has been discont...on 2012..Right now only the clone of TDA2050 on the market...This clone version 25W only..The ic protection not guaranteed 100% work.3A max...nomore 32W TDA2050 now...

For the price...on my country...TDA2040 $12.50 .... TDA2050 clone only $7.45..

TDA2040 more stable on low voltage .

CircuitToday (author)2015-07-01

Thanks For Comment

CircuitToday (author)2015-07-01

Here In India It Cost 50 Rs

1001abhar (author)2015-07-01

hello sir, can you please tell to me what is the cost of TDA2050 ic ? thank for the reading.......

Flamenco.Guytaryn (author)2015-05-25

Looks good

Thanks For The Comment

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