This Instructable show how to make your own audio crossover.
My circuit garranties excellent high class audio quality.
Just a new design to reduce crossover frequency losses.

In this instructable you'll need the folowing items:

A drill
Pcb board
A soldering iron
Deoldering Pump
Ferric Chloride or any other Cooper echent
A horizontal drive transformer ( found in televisions)
10uf and a 2.2uf non-polarized capacitor
1.5 mm to 3.5 mm drill bits
A  speaker box with an tweeter and loudspeaker
A digitial or analog multimeter
A permanent maker
Styrofoam Plate
Six strips of wire preferable three different colours about 1.5 metres
Surgical Alcohol

Step 1: Summary of Operation

This is the schematic, simple and easy to make if your not doing the pcb.
It can be placed on a breadboard with ease, overall it shows you how to connect it.

Well the transformer that i used can be found in a crt television set and it must be selected based on the power rating of your speaker. 
I have a 15W Loudspeaker and a 5W tweeter this transformer is fairly small, so if you plan to have speakers that are very powerful i advise you to get a transformer of similar ratio but bigger. The transformer's ratio is 1 : 5.
Its primary resistance was 0.8 ohms and secondary 3.4 ohms

The same goes for the capacitors the voltage range is small like 16v -50v for small power applications. As you increase your output power the voltage of the capacitors must increase to the range of 100v -250V. The value of the capactors usually stay the same. Use non polarized capacitors because they wouldnt be damaged by the alternating voltage.

Hi Josh!<br>Im a ghanaian student in ghana(west africa) and your experties have actually attracted me. I have this problem. I want to connect leds to my speaker box so that the leds blink with sounds. Could you please give me the schematic and the components that i need. my contact is tsatsu_1@yahoo.com. Thanks. Anybody who reads my message can assist me can also go ahead and help me. Thanks.
<p>What are the details of the low pass and high filters? I have no idea what they are and I can use some help in that department. I recently completed a TDA2030A stereo amp and I'd really like to be able to add something like this for increased audio performance. Thanks Josh.</p>
<p>great work! congratulations!</p><p>Would you mind sharing the specs for the transformer that you used ? </p><p>Thanks,</p><p>-Glenn</p>
Thanks broorb but to tell you the truth I can't remember the part no. on the transformer, but I can say you can find the transformer in an old crt television it will be identical to the one I have displayed, I think its properly good for about 25w rms
If I only wanted to make a low pass filter (with req. circuitry) and follow up by using the transformer and afterwards a logarithmic potentiometer to control my bass, would this work?
Yes u can, just have place the pot in series with c2 and ground, I would go with no more than a 10kohm pot
looks pretty good! im planning on building a 12v sound system and im gonna use something like this
cool a good transformer does the trick<br>

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