Introduction: Audio Helmet

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Step 1: Materials He

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Helmet Headphones Hot glue gun(optional) Hot glue(optional) Scissors Binder clip (optional)

Step 2: Go to Your Ear Flaps

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Cut a hole big enough for your headphones to fit in

Step 3: Put Your Helmet On

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And place them right where you want them.

Step 4: Make Sure

Picture of Make Sure

You have earphones with a volume control

Step 5: Optional Steps

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Make sure your ear pieces are exactly where you want them and hot glue the headphones in a clamp one or both your choice

Step 6: Your Done

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Note* I'm not responsible for any injuries why so ever burns, crashes snowboarding/skiing or whatever you use my idea for

Step 7: YouTube

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Subscribe to my YouTube channel I do mostly snowboarding videos and maybe a few how too's thank you -bumbumshack


DwarvenMithril (author)2013-11-18

That car at the end...!!! :O please explain what it is, it looks awesome! :)

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