Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil





Introduction: Audio Modulated Solid State Tesla Coil

Here is a video of my new SSTC, this test is only at 24 volts, and its already over an inch long, hopefully, it will be much more impressive at full power.

Here is a video of the coil running in audio modulation mode at 90 volts (this was an earlier test, so the arcs became longer later on)

Finally, we have a video of the coil throwing 7" to 8" long sparks at 90 VAC input.



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hello i want to make a tesla bobini but what i will do with it is the result of researches i can not reach the result i can not reach more than 22MV but i have not found much about it i am very happy

How did you manage to get the spark so long at only 24 volts? mine is running at about 50 volts but the sparks are only about a quarter of an inch. :-(

Please help me out !

Hi, this Tesla coil you have built is amazing. I want to build an audio modulated solid state tesla coil of my own but have no idea how it works and where to start. I have already built a spark gap mini tesla coil using a bug zapper. If possible can u tell me how can i start, some links or just the basics i must understand before taking up something like this. Thanks!

Hi, I don't understand one thing.. why does my secondary decrease to very low voltage when I set the pulse width from say 58% to 80% at the same set frequency, shouldn't I get a higher voltage???

Im making this tesla coil and i was wondering if i could run it off 240v

Yes, although you won't want to use a voltage doubler, and you'll need to use higher voltage rated FETs/IGBTs. Are you going for an SSTC or a DRSSTC?

i love tesla
ps what is the scematic i so want one