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A portable audio splitter for those who havn't got an MP3, based on a small amplifier. All inside a 100ml bottle.

Step 1: Parts

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The parts you will need:
- 100ml bottle
- wired up stereo 3mm jack plug
- two exposed stereo 3mm jack socket
- an amplifier circuit; I've got mine from [ here]
- two 3V batteries
- on\off switch
- and some wires

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

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Cut the the bottle to two halfs, the drill two holes of 0.75 cm above and below the cut.
Then drill another hole nearby the end of the bottle for the switch and drill as 1cm hole in the bottle plug.
all as sown in the image-

Step 3: Wire It Up

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As you have seen, the circuit has 7 wires comes out of him:
- 1 through the switch to the batteries (+)
- 1 to the batteries (-)
- 3 wired to the male audio plug (left input, right input, ground input)
- Each one of the last 3 wires splits to 2 wires, and each group of 3 wires wired to a jack socket (left output, right output, ground output)*2

when you wire the input wires you should first pass the wires through the hole in the bottle's plug and through the bottle and then make some knot; as seen in the pictures.

Step 4: Get It All In

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First, screw the switch and the jack sockets in their places as shown. Than insert the circuit and the batteries and finally attach the two halfes of the bottle.

Step 5: Improvements

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Adding volume switchs
For that I will need a dual log type potentiometer of 47K, and I need to find this somewhere.


golsen2 (author)2014-07-22

You don't show a schematic or anything. No one could make one based on your 'instructions'.

martinnez (author)2013-01-30

Yes my friend,
its OK to use whatever you can.
it only looks bad to those who
think so.
By the way, i´ve used plastic bottles,
tuppers,even sandwich bags!
But until i used proper project cases,
resin potted circuits and bright leds etc.
then people started asking to buy, lend etc.
nice job!
hey you live in israel...
i´m here in uruapan michoacan
this is old but anyway

D_David (author)2012-02-23

ppl can go into a radioshack outlet and just purchase a 3.5mm splitter instead of risking burning down their audio source

tutdude98 (author)D_David2012-04-04

well this is just splitter with amplifier so you cant damage audio source

laxuo (author)2011-04-26


Say you are splitting the audio jack from your laptop. The two ouputs then go into the "aux in" of two separate audio receivers that have their own amplifiers.

Would the amplifiers on that end be sufficient or does their need to be an amplification before the split?

sjo232 (author)2010-08-02

can you add more than 2 sockets without changing the circuitry at all?

sk810 (author)2006-10-05

that's a cool idea putting it in a bottle! I wouldn't dare try to take that on a plane.

Liganic (author)sk8102006-10-06

I'd love to see the reaction of the security personal :P (Could be intensified by holding it up in the air, the finger on the switch and screaming "For Allah!" ;))

ktalex (author)Liganic2009-10-14

haha hilarious. u crack me up. i thinku would get shot though lol.

Ripper1 (author)2009-09-18

Have You had any luck doing what you just posted? That is hooking up to computers to a switch and be able to pick the one that you want the sound from? This is exactly what I need!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Matthew Rohren 402-477-0280 Lincoln, Nebraska 68502

cl97 (author)2009-09-14

lol, putting things into a bottle is a great idea, why bottle? the first thing come up to my mine is recycling. lol

cornflakes (author)2006-10-05

I've guessed some of the terms, so comments about my English will be welcome.

Liganic (author)cornflakes2006-10-05

Great Instructable, but one thing still confuses me: Why a bottle? There is nothing that is to say against a bottle except it all looks a bit messy but I would have expected an altoids box or something like that

cornflakes (author)Liganic2006-10-05

You expectet for Altoids tin just because you've seen (too) many of these in similar usages, some people think it's cool putting electronics in Altoids tins. This bottle was the first thing I found that can be used for this purpose.

Liganic (author)cornflakes2006-10-05

You're right with the Altoids, it is getting absolutely boring if everybody is putting everything into an altoids box. It was a bad example of what I mean, I just thought of something more usual for such projects like that boxes you can buy in any electronics store to put those things into.
btw: It would be really cool to create that thing _without_ cutting the bottle in half, somehow like a bottle ship :P But this would definately get tricky, in fact nearly impossible because the bottle is frosted and not clear

techhut (author)Liganic2006-10-05

A cool idea would be putting something like this in a cheap surround sound sound speaker, and have a switch that allows the speaker to be on/off, as well as several headphone jacks, and an input jack.

paper warrior (author)techhut2006-10-21

what if you put something interesting in an altoids tin

clark (author)paper warrior2009-01-11

two years old.

ARVash (author)paper warrior2007-09-11

like snails!

Sandisk1duo (author)2008-12-07

Ahh! European resistors!

shmuley95 (author)2008-04-26

FINALY! A JEW AROUND HERE!!!! haha ata yodea eych ledaber eevrit? ani holech le yeshivat chof ha tzafon ba great neck new york. Keep in touch pal.

shmuley95 (author)shmuley952008-04-26

on the other hand maby thats just a bottle with hebrew righting haha watev, im jewish and proud to be, is anyone else?

me too, im jewish and im proud too (but i dontspeak hebrew, yet)

glenneroo (author)2008-10-07

eh what? do i need a potentiometer? im quite lame with hardware, what do i have to do here? are there steps missing in this guide? i want to make a 10 way splitter if at all possible :)

DIY Dave (author)2007-05-07

cool mp3 player

cornflakes (author)2007-03-11

Big improvements will come soon in honor of the "Use it again!" Contest!
including nice new look. *I want this SLR*

Only after some search I did i've found I got a post on MAKE *yeah*

mr.ratburn (author)2006-10-25

great project, corn flakes!! The only thing you could really improve is the user-friendliness (e.g. make it look cool). 'Cause it really looks like some bulky piece of crap. Still, i'm applauding for you!!!

techhut (author)2006-10-05

cornflakes, your English is fine. In fact, it surpasses alot of Instructables I have seen. I also like the idea of such a project stored in a small bottle.

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