Audio Via Built in Bluetooth for Any Speaker System





Introduction: Audio Via Built in Bluetooth for Any Speaker System

One of the presents for Christmas I got was this amazing speaker system. It is not on batteries and needs power supply. It has an apple dock on top and a 3.5mm audio input. It also has a remote control. I liked it but it needed something more.

Firstly it has the old apple dock connector and won`t work with my new iPod. The only way to listen to music was through the 3.5mm audio cable but then .... you`re wired to the speaker and the remote control won`t work either.

And then I taught what if this speaker had Bluetooth. Very standard for the latest audio systems, but not for the older ones.

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • Knife
  • Soldering iron
  • Drill or a file
Bluetooth device:
  • A Bluetooth audio receiver (I used a Belkin model, but any decent one will work)
  • 3.5 mm audio cable

Bluetooth device will play the music to the audio input port of the speaker system.

Step 2: Bluetooth Device

The Bluetooth device I used has two ports. One is 5VDC power supply and other is audio output

For the power supply you will have to find it in the speaker system and get it from there. In this way there are no extra power adapters needed.

Step 3: Add Power Supply to the Bluetooth Device

I soldered the power connector for the Bluetooth device to the 5V that go to the dock. These 5V have enough power to run the Bluetooth module and there is no need for extra wires from the outside.

This way the installation is much neater as well.

Step 4: Connect and Test

The idea is that the Bluetooth device receives the music and plays it to the audio input of the speaker system.

After connecting the power supply to the PCB and audio cables to the audio input, we can test and begin to close the speaker.

Step 5: Cable Goes Outside

The audio output from the Bluetooth will have to go outside the speaker to plug in the jack.

I used a file to make a small cut in the plastic.

One could also drill a hole in the plastic and run the cable through it.

Step 6: Stuff It In

All that is left is to hide the Bluetooth receiver in the speaker.

The smaller the speaker the harder .... but one could also remove the Bluetooth plastic housing.

Step 7: Assemble

When I assembled the speaker back no part was left out.

Step 8: ENJOY

Now play your favourite tunes from your phone, iPod, laptop or anything else .... and on top of all - wirelessly.

That can be used in any speaker system or for example in your car.

I hope you got inspired by this easy hack! If you like it, please vote for me in the contest entries. :)



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If you open up the bluetooth receiver for belkin, it feels quite heavy thats because there is a little iron plate in it, belkin thinks if its heavier than people think there is more quality in it, so open it up remove the iron plate, put it back together and your range will extend from like 10 meters to 20 meters nice, haha

but why didn't you solder the 3.5 mm jack to the inside?

Hey! I did not think of that, so I'll definitely improve it by removing the iron thing. That also makes the speaker heavier.

About the jack soldered inside - I tried and it worked but when the bluetooth is ON, it makes some noise which you don't hear when music plays. So if you solder it permanently and plug in an external device in the AUX you will have the noise from the bluetooth. Otherwise you have to have a switch to turn the bluetooth off in case you listen through the AUX.

Yeah removing the iron plate is better =p and its true that it makes some noise so if you can plug it out is good

I found the bluetooth adapter you used for $29.98 at Best Buy any idea where I could get a cheaper one?

Try looking for a second-hand on ebay or amazon. These will be at least 40% cheaper if not more.

This is really cool, where did you get your soldering iron, I need a new one.