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here is my 2nd instructable. pics only. i designed and build this av wall about 2 years ago.

the goal was to create a minimal av video unit with integrating my av equipment out of sight and keeping room for my 4ft tall standing floorspeakers. i made the design in agreement with my wife. she had the idea dor the a-symmetrical planks. she swas sceptical about the speakcloth to hide the equipement but after i showed her a demo she agreed. i added a rgd led 5050 strip with a rgb controller.


mark.d.s.mason (author)2014-11-19

Absolutely love this. What do you use to provide the lighting? Is it custom or a retail product?

Zuluman (author)mark.d.s.mason2014-11-21

i used a rgd 5050 led strip with a RGB controller and remote. u can find them on ebay.

MrsEnke (author)2012-07-29

Are u going to do a step by step?

Zuluman (author)MrsEnke2013-02-01

i havent been a while on instructables so my answer is a bit late. i dont have any pics of the making of. but i am making a vertical audio video wall for a friend soon. i'll be making pics of the build and will try to make a step by step

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