Picture of Audio Visual Art....FOTC Style

This instructable is based on one I previously posted, Speaker Art and was made for my wife and as a tribute to the best folk parody duo, The Flight of the Conchords. If you have never heard of FOTC, please check them out below. I will show you how to integrate lighting and music into a personal painting. The theme is up to you, but I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and maybe become a fan of the Conchords, enjoy.



Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
The tools and materials for this instructable are straight forward, and you can improvise and substitute where needed.


Deep Canvas
Paint (acrylic, oil, water, etc) I used acrylic
Variety of brushes
MP3 Player
Slim portable speakers (I got mine for $10)
Coat hanger
PVA and Hot Glue
Electrical wire
LED(I used 5mm blue)
On/Off Switch
Power Supply (9v Battery)
4 small srews


Utility Knife
Wire Cutters
Soldering Iron
A little artistic talent and patience
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homedogalex6 years ago
Pretty much finished my painting, took a lot longer than 2 hours though, more like a whole day whilst watching countless films! If you cant tell its Mohammed Ali vs Joe Frasier
scooter76 (author)  homedogalex6 years ago
Dude, this rocks. freak'n sweet. well done
Cheers man, im just waiting on my speakers and leds to arrive. Also, where on earth can i find electrical wire? I live in the UK so theres no radioshack for me to go to, so my easiest option is online. What should i be searching for. And last thing, would it be possible to solder in lots of different colour leds and making them slowly change between the colours?
scooter76 (author)  homedogalex6 years ago
Hey, I'm in the uk as well. If I am making large orders, I use Maplin.co.uk for parts, and the wire they sell is really cheap., I do salvage as much as I can, as its free. All the LED's in this project were from little flashlights people had thrown away. Colour changing LEDS would be cool, and I thought of this, but with the blue/black and white colouring of the painting, I stuck with just the blue LED's. I have never really wired colour changing LEDs, but there are instructable on how to do it. Also, ebay is great for large orders of LEDs. Good Luck
with electrical wire, what max amps would i need for like a average use.

http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=6197 is 3A enough, or do i need something more like this

scooter76 (author)  homedogalex6 years ago
3A will be enough for this project. The large the core the lest resistance. So if you are buying more thicker core is better, but for LED and simmilar projects this will be fine.
Kimmyr0se1 year ago
Great job! Maybe you could make an "A" box canvas fram and then use a pendant light. That way you don't have to use a schematic for the LED light.
is there any way to make templates without photoshop
Look into some photoshop alternatives. GIMP is completely free and very similar to PS, but it's in French. Paint.NET is a program that's not nearly as powerful, but also free and has every function you'll need for this.
GIMP isn't "in French". Download the latest version here.
Well, there are some free programs out there such as Acorn (I think it's only for Mac OSX), or you could try the Pirate Bay.
I made this last December. I bought my LEDs on Ebay. like Christmas lights. So I just wrapped them around the inside of the canvas a few times. It worked pretty well.

I left out the music part though, just ran out of time.
roobz5 years ago
Hey was inspired by yours, a friend having a bday soon, so thought i would share my attempt!! my mate loves the blues brothers so here goes......!!
roobz roobz5 years ago

IMG_4204 (Medium).JPG
julpwel5 years ago
HEy! I sent a comment earlier but I can't see it posted....soooo TAKE 2!
I think your project is really awesome! Im a FOTC fan so im totally gonna make one for myself! I was wondering if you could send the pic you used (the photoshoped one)!??! It would be awesome!
THanks a lot!
julpwel5 years ago
WoW!! This is just great! Im a big fan of FOTC and Im totally gonna make one for myself! But please! Can you send the picture that you used? The photoshoped one? That would be awesome!!! Please!?!
KahlZun5 years ago
That is a -nice- effect!
samanella5 years ago
this is awesome! I'm going to try making it for my brother as a Christmas present
Pythous5 years ago
"Just gets into this ridiculous Russian doll situation"
1060585 years ago
wow, that looks awesome. well doe.
i really like it
flight of the conchords are the 4th best folk parody duo lol
UOS5 years ago
 Love it! Gonna make for my livingroom ASAP! :)
dickiejoe5 years ago
you could also use the rubber screw in feet as well that way the walldoesnt get tore up if someone were to bump in to it
mach5945 years ago
im also pretty much finished with my painting. it took about 2 weeks for me go figure haha. great instructable! mine is a painting of kanye west
DEKAY_0076 years ago
man this is a awesome Instructable......2 thumbs up to u.....i got really inspired so i am making one for a friend of mine will post pictures soon
homedogalex6 years ago
I cant believe how good your cradle is, i am having so much trouble with it and so far it looks like it has been run over or something its so wonky!
scooter76 (author)  homedogalex6 years ago
Do you have a vice? I just bent it around the vice with a pair of pliers.
oh man i got inspired. i wan thinking about doing a piece like this but with the humans are dead.
scooter76 (author)  kristina_fatale6 years ago
Thanks, Post some pics when you are done. 00010011001100001110000
BoxOfAshes6 years ago
Wow, it's beautiful!

I loved this so much I used part of your pic as an inspiration for this clock for my friend's birthday. Thanks!

This is so cool! I love FOTC! This is my friends favorite song. Maybe I'll make him one. Nice job and keep it up!
topherishel6 years ago
does anybody know how to make a lasagna? for one!!!!
Clayton H.6 years ago
FOTC's rocks! Right now I'm trying to score a Casio DG-20 Electric Guitar. set to electric mandolin, some drums, Yeah.

If confused with last sentence plese check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT5AQIlmM0I
That's my favorite part of the song =))
Wish Bret uses his Casio DG 20 Electric Guitar more often though :D

BOOM, BOOM! I'm The Boom King!
arias6 years ago
"There's a little bit of dust in my eye that's from the path that you made when you said your goodbye. I'm not weeping cause you won't be here to hold my hand, for your information there's an inflammation in my tear gland."

One of my favorite FotC songs and great work! When I have enough money, I'll make one... I just don't know what to paint =))
darinlwebb6 years ago
This is awesome, I'd really like to do something like this, but I have some questions. What I want is a black acrylic on white canvas, like yours, with backlighting to tint the blank canvas. How would I get a more even color distribution throughout the canvas? I don't want speakers, or the spacers to make a glow, just backlighting. The foil idea might work, but I'm terribly newbish, so any suggestions would be great!
Kcole936 years ago
Here is my rendition, a valentine's day gift for my girlfriend
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