This is a project developed during our "Taller de Inventos" (AKA August Build Night), sponsored by Instructables and Jameco, that provided some of the components for this instructable.

It's a case that holds an audio input and two outputs, enabling you to choose the audio source for your amplifier or speakers.

Here's a video of the switch

It’s a really simple and nifty hack that we wanted to share :)


x1 DPDT Toggle Switch on-on 2 way
x3 3.5mm jack PCB stereo
x6 Cables (5cm each)
A box or container for your switch
Glue (of a powerful kind ;) )

Soldering iron
“Helping Hand” holder for soldering [Optional]
Dremel or regular drill

This part is up to your imagination. We used a small wooden box that we had lying around.

Step 1: Find a Case for Your Audio Switch

The first step of this instructable is finding a small box for repurposing as the audio switch.

Some suggestions are:
- Altoids box
- Small wooden box for jewelry
- A cassette tape box
- A metal cigarette case
Made it! For mine tho, instead of going to an output, it goes into another switch to control 2 outputs!
<p>Just made one! Thanks for the instructable. I used an on/off/on switch so I've got an off too! </p>
<p>Good idea :)</p>
<p>It was a fun build! This was my first time doing this and from what i can tell, it came out perfect!!</p>

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