Augment Your Instructables Shirt




Introduction: Augment Your Instructables Shirt

Here's how to take sweet swag and make it personal!

Step 1: Make a Big Square

Make a big square stencil.

Fill in the big square with light-colored paint.

Silkscreening paint works better. I wanted to do it fast, so I grabbed a can of spraypaint.
Now my shirt is really stiff.

I also lasercut a fine grid of points, because I was playing around with the laser cutter.
that's __totally__ unnecessary. Just tape off a square or something.

Step 2: Write on It!

Fill it in with your username, and instructables you've done.

Now the world knows that you are part of the instructables community!



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Wot? No LEDs? (Sorry, couldn't resist) Like saites2001 said - can we see a fuller picture?

Perhaps she'll just draw LEDs on the shirt, that way they know that it is just marker..... or is it super high-tech explosives that look like marker??

Can we see a picture of the whole thing? And maybe a little bit more of what you've included on it and why. It looks interesting.