Picture of Augmented Reality Paper Mario
Have you already played Paper Mario Sticker Star on Nintendo 3DS?
A great thing to be unwrapped under the christmas tree! And a great thing to be played, as well.

So I gathered all my creative talents and crafted a magic diorama that can be built in less than 20 minutes.
World, hast thou ever seen quite a thing like that? It is the future, no really.

Step 1: Getting ready

Picture of Getting ready
The first step is download the PDF. It can be found here and is of course free to download.

The second step is to buy a smart phone. It can be found here and is of course expensive to buy.

And in the rare case that you already have one, you have to download Junaio.
This is an Augmented Reality App and available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
TSLoire4 months ago

If this doesn't meet people's expectations then maybe you should look into using Unity3D and Vuforia, the possibilities with those two are near endless and a lot more powerful than using something like Layar and Junaio. You have to be good at programming though!

azharz2 years ago
Very nice, How if you use Layar, because I think it is much powerful than Junaio.
ferdy1821 azharz5 months ago

I disagree! :P

azharz ferdy18215 months ago


Not worth the time. I just did it expecting Mario to move but you cant even interact with the AR.
Not recommended.
kamibox.de (author)  WastedBabies2 years ago
I am trying to fix that, Junaio doesn't accept animated gifs.

With creator now it is easy to make it move and many more http://dev.metaio.com/creator/

askjerry2 years ago
I must be missing something...
1) How did you upload the character to the software?
2) How did you generate the QR code and merge it with the character?

You show how to make a paper cutout and download a file... but I didn't see anytihng on how to MAKE the file, how to UPLOAD the file, etc.

If I want to create my own 3D things for my kids to play with how do I accomplish that? If I wanted to make a pop-up story book... and have each page do something different... I have art programs... and I can generate a QR code... how do I tie it all together?

Additionally... the demo page for the software showed animations and what looked like a game... 3D views with pan... how does that work?

Hi, you can find all the info in how to make AR for junaio at metaio website. The easiest way is through Metaio Creator app, just drag and drop contents http://dev.metaio.com/creator/

If you are into coding, you might want to check the junaio quickstarts http://dev.metaio.com/junaio/quickstarts/

kamibox.de (author)  askjerry2 years ago
I am also new to the software and am struggling with textures of 3D objects and animated images. I will write an Instructable about how to create one of those when I am able to explain it completely.

Any word on this request by @askjerry?

No, never heard anything back. I pretty much just gave up on it.

These are amazing!!
chaydgb2 years ago
Great idea, I wasn't even aware of this API. To those who have negative/unhelpful comments; Stop whining and go make an improved version!
1800yolk2 years ago
This is a really cool idea! I think you've got haters in the comments because they got a bit imaginative about what they were seeing in your photo, but if they were to interact with this in person, they would have been pleasantly surprised. I swear some people expect so much, I'm surprised they're not complaining that it doesn't make toast
ferdna2 years ago
I demand video.
Ali8bongo2 years ago
Good, idea but i would of hoped for some functionality for example Mario hitting the block and then coins coming out.
kamibox.de (author)  Ali8bongo2 years ago
I will try to solve that.
Thanks, if you do manage to solve it, if you could inform me It would be appreciated as apart from the limited functionality it is a very cool project :)
gbenoffi2 years ago
that is sweet