Introduction: Augmented Reality and Kinect: Augmenting Skull and Iron Man Mask

Picture of Augmented Reality and Kinect: Augmenting Skull and Iron Man Mask

This is a simple, really easy to follow tutorial. For this you will need:

  • PC
  • Microsoft Kinect Sensor for Windows (first Kinect used for XBOX 360)

Step 1: Download Software, Drivers and Code

Download:Download and Install Processing programming language

Download:Kinect drivers for Windows OS (*.exe file)

Download:Augmented Reality Kinect (*.rar file - there is a file (code) you need to start)

After Downloading software, drivers and code follow the steps shown in the video above.

For More tutorials on augmented reality and arduino join my youtube channel: or website here.


HadiS8 (author)2015-10-08


basically i working on augmented reality and making virtual dressing room using kinect and unity.kindly can you let me know how to attach proper shirt on human body just like you attached skull here in your tutorial?have you any tutorials?thanks

hypnotistas (author)HadiS82015-10-09

Hi, sorry, haven't done anything in Unity on that.

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