Augmented Reality and User Defined Target Using Vuforia




Introduction: Augmented Reality and User Defined Target Using Vuforia

Augmented Reality User Defined Target using Vuforia

This is Augmented Reality example using Vuforia User Defined Target. Take a snapshot of any book cover in the environment so the content could stick to it. This is pretty cool as you can use any image as your tracker and you don't need to upload any images to Vuforia developer website.

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Step 1: Download Everything Below and Follow Instructions in the Video

Download # 5.2.4 version Unity3D32bit is available from here

Download # Download and Import Vuforia Core Features for Unity3D (*.unitypackage file)

You can download it also from here.

Download # Snap Icon (*.png file)

Download # Download Whole Augmented Reality and Vuforia User Defined Target Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it) (*.rar file)

Download # Download app for Android device (*.apk file)



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