Introduction: Augmented Reality Using Unity3D, Vuforia, Zigfu and Kinect – Control Character With Your Body

Step 1: Download Everything Below and Follow Instructions in the Video

Download # Unity3D (download and install it, if you don't have it already) (*.exe file)

Unity3D is also available to download from here

Download #Kinect drivers for Windows OS (*.exe file)

Kinect for Windows SDK v1.7 is also available to download from here

Download #Zigfu for Windows OS (*.exe file)

Zigfu for Windows OS / MAC are also available to download from here

Download #Zigfu ZDK For Unity3D (*.exe file)

Zigfu ZDK For Unity3D is also available to download from here

Download #Download and Import Unity3D Extension v4.2.3 (*.unitypackage file)

Unity3D extension is also available to download from here

Download #Print Euforia of Beauty Logo to Augment the Content and Create the Tracker (*.jpg file)

Download #You Can Use Already Created Tracker (Zigfu) Based on Euforia of Beauty Logo (*.unitypackage file)

Download #Download Whole Zigfu Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it) (*.rar file)


BMA8 (author)2016-03-09

I managed to select Kinect camera form the dropdown.But when I run the code. I get below error for kinect camera.

ERROR - Could not find specified video device

Chih KaiY (author)BMA82016-04-13

Hi, i met up the same problem. If you figure out it, please let me know how to do it.Thanks.

BMA8 (author)Chih KaiY2016-04-13

Hi, You need to disable system camera by
1. open Device Manager(Control Panel -> Device Manager)
2. Select the Imaging devices
3. Right Click on Camera and select disable
4. Restart the system. You should be able to use Kinect camera

Note: The printout of the sheet needs to be shown to the Kinect Camera instead of System camera after the above steps

Chih KaiY (author)BMA82016-04-27

Hi, it still doesn't work after above steps. :(

I think there are something wrong about connecting to Kinect Camera instead of system camera. Could you let me know how you do it?

BMA8 (author)Chih KaiY2016-04-27

Did you install and checked if the KinectCam is working in Skype ?

Chih KaiY (author)BMA82016-04-27

Can "" work with Kinect v2 ? I used "KinectCamV2" before. It can work in Skype, but can not add “Kinect Camera V2” as “Imaging Device”.

BMA8 (author)Chih KaiY2016-04-28

I think "" is for v1. For v2 you can check below link if it can be of any help

Chih KaiY (author)BMA82016-04-28

OK. Thank you for your response. The problem has confused me for a long time.

BMA8 (author)2016-03-07

I do not get 'Kinect Camera' as a dropdown option in 'WebCam behaviour' in camera device.

How do I connect to Kinect Camera instead of system camera ?

BMA8 (author)2016-03-07

I get a black screen when i download the zip file and run the code. If I uncheck the AR camera at runtime, the black screen disappears

levisalarcon (author)2016-02-29

Hello, is this project deployed on desktop version (windows or mac)? if not, do you have any idea how could be this possible? Thanks.