While visiting the north part of Scotland, I came across websites and apps that shows alerts for the Aurora (northern lights). After reading Uri Shaked article "How to Connect Your T-Shirt to Slack Using Arduino", I decided to create an Aurora alerts ring, using WeMos board and 24 NeoPixel LED and gets the alerts from AuroraWatch UK API.

I won’t explain here how the software works, you can read Shaked article for that.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:



  • WeMos D1 Mini  - A tiny ESP8266-based board that run Arduino code, and has built-in WiFi support
  • An RGB LED Ring, I recommend using the 24 NeoPixel LED

I used 24 NeoPixel LED but you can use any type of display you like. Gust modify the code as needed.

I decided to frame it all so I can put it on a wall. And use a standard USB cable to power it up.

<p>Fun idea :) We get aurora here sometimes but you have to go out of town to see it.</p>

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