Autism Awareness I Love You Heart Doily


Introduction: Autism Awareness I Love You Heart Doily

About: I'm a stay at home mom with three children. Ages 24,21,12...My Oldest is Christina and she is a bankteller, next is Andrew, currently serving in the United States Marines and last is Zachary who has down syn...

I just designed this special doily to sell on my etsy site as well as to enter in this competion..I just joined the Esty for Autism group and one of the things they ask you to do is earmark one of your items to donate to Autism Awareness. I decided, after looking at other members sites and things, to try and come up with something special to sell, and this is what I came up with. My son is 12 years old and he has down syndrome and autism and is none we use the I LOVE YOU hand sign a lot around here. When you have a child that can not talk, a hand sign can mean a lot. I hope you enjoy looking at my newest piece of work and thank you for allowing me to showcase it here. I think it makes a perfect Valentines present for anyone.

I made this doily from cotton,viscose,and is my own design.



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    I love your idea with ASL "I love you" hand sign language. Perfect on a heart shape with ILY on it. I can add flowers on that. Really wonderful idea!

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    thanks for letting me know that you like it.

    This is a very heartwarming project and I like it very much. The I LOVE YOU hand sign is very pretty (and looked hard to make!) This is defintely something that can save "i love you" to anybody, which makes it all the more special. Wonderful job!

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    thank you so much for your kind words..once I figured it out, the hand was easy

    I think it is great that you incorporated the ASL "I love you" hand sign into this.

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    thanks...I just went and looked at your instructable...awesome job!! thanks for the rating and the means a lot to mean

    Well thank you. Your piece here is quite pretty, as well as being functional in communicating something that needs be said. My one nephew is autistic so I am aware of how much early introduction into signing did for helping us communicate with him. I just wish there were more that appreciated this. Thank you for sharing your talent and message.