Auto Loading Knex Gun/Pistol with 9 Round Magazine, now with true trigger.

Picture of Auto Loading Knex Gun/Pistol with 9 Round Magazine, now with true trigger.
This gun was originally made by banana inventor. All I did was put on a true trigger. Credit to banana inventor and whoever originally made that trigger design. The original gun is here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Auto-Loading-Knex-GunPistol-with-9-Round-Magazine/

Step 1: The Handle and Trigger

Picture of The Handle and Trigger
Just build What is in the picture.
good gun but trigger need serious mod, change the green piece attached to the barrel blocker to a red piece, and change trigger end to to white rods
a_person5 years ago
great gun but make the barrel shorter and have better trigger assembly instructions
DeadlySin9 (author) 6 years ago
Special side note: All pics were taken in my closet because of the flash so that is why some are too bright or off a little.
Most cameras can turn flash off....
1111116 years ago
ok. I made this gun and it's great. but whenever I use it it breaks the peices I use for the end of the firing rod.
DeadlySin9 (author)  1111116 years ago
Just put tape over the parts, or use that to double fire :D
plyalex19946 years ago
the pictures are horrible i'm half way through and i have to stop makin it cause i can't see what to do next. Add some real instructions! 1 Star :(
64runners6 years ago
can u change some of the pics plz not clear...
I knew this looked like my gun!
just about to make it when i have finished i will rate well if i remember
Clearer instructions please
i knew it looked familiar..... COOL
DJ Radio6 years ago
cool.... 4*
s'bout time someone decided to do this. 3*