This is a cock-shoot style knex pistol wth a 9 round magazine. The magazine is jam free, and fires gray single connectors. ENJOY :D

Step 1: Building the Handle.

Build and connect the handle as shown.
<p>I moded mine so it has a trigger</p>
<p>I moded mine so it has a trigger</p>
<p>it is awesome </p>
Nice job!
Jams up to much
I don't understand step two
Is there another piece u can use for the black ones in step 2
guys you just pull back the ram rod and let go to fire<br>
step 3 doesnt have enough pictures showing you how to make it<br><br>just thought id let you know ;)
no trigger
i can't load the grey connectors into the mag because there're to big can you help me?
did u put the black things on one side of the mag? thats what happened to me.
This is not good.&nbsp;The mag is too small for the white pegs, it has no trigger...<br /> I spent a whole half an hour. Wasted.<br /> <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Dummkopf, it fires gray clips not white rods!
this is pretty good, and if you people want a true trigger version i made one a long time ago. just remember that bannana inventor is the genious behind the gun and that some other person nobody knows of made the first true trigger like the one used.<br />
it's a gun i'd say.<br /> i made something similar a few days ago with out a handle, just used the mag for the handle<br /> <br /> nice job :)<br /> <br />
you are a genius and your guns are freakin' amazing!
dude, this doesn't have a trigger!
hey, great magazine. I"m gonna attach that to Mango Man's pistol. If it's nice, I"ll post a mod.
this gun always get jammed
ok. I made this gun and it's great. but whenever I use it it breaks the yellow conector peice I use for the end of the firing rod. and weres the trigger?
well hey guys i built this gun and i have made a simple and true trigger for it. All u di is move the mag up to the front of the gun (dont worry it still looks cool) Then add a basic trigger mechanism at the front. Thats my way and it works fine and mag still works on it with trig. Took me 4 min. to mod so have fun hope that helped.
well, it ok, better then a bad block trigger but we have a bunch of these guns.
But 80% of those guns jam...
Block trigger guns sometimes break too easily.
i was talking about the guns that shoot connectors that don't jam.
Well add this one to the family!!! LOL :D
why is everyone hatin on block triggers?
They're annoying.
Ever had an accidental discharge on a block trigger?<br/><br/><sup>I didn't think so</sup><br/>
Where is the trigger? For the rest, good.
it has no trigger i made the whole gun for my brother but i gave it to him and he said wheres the trigger and thts where i realised :]
excellent gun, i'm pleased with it, except for the loading. i'd suggest an extra long clip if you were to use this in a knex war, because it takes too long to reload
how far can it shoot?
About 15- 25 feet.
the design is cool but it could help in wars if it held more than 9 in a magazine
just extend the mag
Bannana inventor can you please make a gun without y hinge pieces.and can you make it with a magazine.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh...my...jeebus.... this may be the single gratest gun I have ever built off of this website. I give this a five! :D
bannana inventor you rock
Thanks, you should check out some of my newer guns! They work the same way and are 4 times as powerful. :D
i put on a true trigger and different handle too now it looks like pi =0<br/>
Can you post a picture?
sure thing! I'll try to get it up asap! =D<br/>
Thanks!!! :D
The "pi"stol is my avatar, too lazy to post lolz
k dude, my sis has my phone usb thingy and shes in university so i can't post any pics until like November, srry.
sup bannana i just wanted to thank u for ur guns i think thyre all prety kool
Thank you, it's alway good to know your work is appreciated. :D

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