Auto Pusher


Introduction: Auto Pusher

this holds down buttons for you

Step 1: Parts

Something to mount it on (lamp)

Step 2: Clamp Onto Surface

clamp it onto the surface

Step 3: Use

push hanging end on key



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    Good for not getting kicked for being AFK whilst you wee !

    To be frank, I think this is a useless instructable. It shows a very complex way to achieve the most simple task. "Place a heavy object, like a stone or a few nuts on top the key you want to be pressed and let gravity work for you. Use blu tack or similar if you need to."

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    First i don't care, if you think that little of this instructable why did you look at it let alone comment on it and i didn't have anything small and heavy enough to push down the key.

    You should have used a better title for your instructable, for example "How to hold down a keyboard key". Had you done that, you probably would have figured out how silly this whole idea is ("everyone knows how to hold down a key"). Also my skills in clairvoyance are still so weak that I simply had to click open your instructable to find out what it was about. And the reason why I comment is because I want _you_ to improve the quality of _your_ instructables. When you do that you improve the overall quality of this site. Right now, "half assed" instructables like this clutter Instructables and drastically lower the value of the time I spend in it. YOU SHOULD CARE! Instead of making notes and learning you decide to get aggravated and ignore every little advice you get. Don't do it. If you don't want comments, don't post to Instructables.

    right now i am working on a way to deleat a harddrive that you can carry around

    umm great for like......uh side scrollers?uhhhhh

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    didnt u watch the video if u go afk and dont want to be kicked for idling

    it holds down buttons for you like if you have to use the can

    um. . . haven't you ever played that game, like, how long you can hold down a button? u could get a high score using this.

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    When you're adding a YouTube video, just use the url of the video, not the big block of text they give you near the bottom.

    Like this (although it seems your clip is gone already...)

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