I wanted to share this instructable with others, since it has saved me $200 so far+. I recently had my key remote stop working on me or it would intermitantly work, causing me to have to unlock my door with the key, which in turn would activate the alarm until I started my vehicle. At first I thought it was just the battery, instead I found that it was actually cracked or broken solder points around the battery. I found many articles that there are multiple steps I could do to eliminate this, since it is quite common, but it proved to be more troublesome then I wanted. A new key cost $100 or more. Since I did not have a small enough soldering gun I wanted to figure out a different way that was cost effective. This is what I have done and it works very good and haven't had a problem, I have also since done it to the second key because of the same thing.

Step 1: Materials

-Key remote that needs to be fixed
-Multitool (can be substituted with scissors and screwdrivers)
-Tape (I opted for electrical tape to reduce excess adhesive, I am sure duct or scotch tape would work too)
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