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This Instructable will give you instruction on repairing minor surface rust on the exterior of your vehicle. The repair is very easy and effective over a long time.

Step 1: Step One. Locate the Rust.

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This is some typical rust that will show up on your vehicle. It starts out as a small bubble. Then grows if not attended to.

Step 2:

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Break out the safety glasses and gloves. Using a grinder take the rust off down to the bare metal.

Step 3:

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Next I used a rust killer like rust bullet or there is a product called POR-15 that works very well to coat the exposed metal. This will seal it.

Step 4:

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Sand, Sand , Sand. The prep work for the spray on bed liner is a MUST. If you don't prep right the liner will not adhere correctly.

Step 5:

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Using the spray on bed liner. (try a spray or two on some cardboard first to tell what type of finish you are going to have). I sprayed 3 coats on the area allowing 5 minutes of dry time between each coat. The texture will change with the distance the can is held away from the work area. This will make a nice rubber barrier to protect the rocker panels and fender wells from rocks and door dings. I plan on taping off the first 5 or so inches of the hood to make a bed liner bra on the hood as well.


ironsmiter (author)2009-09-06

Bed-liner style undercoating. Loving it :-) That stuff(or at least the professionally applied truck bed version) is super tenacious. I'd go ahead and do the same to the front doors(and the other side, rear door). Not just to unify the look, but also, as a preventative measure.

sig7707 (author)ironsmiter2009-09-06

Thanks, Yes I did do the other doors and I even taped off a sort of nose bra on the front edge of the hood. This stuff was very cheap and holds up great against rock chips and other road debris.

tinker234 (author)sig77072012-04-12

i watched a shoe where they used truck linear to stop a bomb i wonder if i could spray the inside of a car before the finishing the int-ear is put on hearing about the car crash i was very happy to find ou how it worked on a car

sig7707 (author)tinker2342012-04-12

Probably not a bad idea. It would also help deaden sound and road noises.

tinker234 (author)sig77072012-04-12

yeah the shoe they used thiss on wa msash lab it is on netflix

Ghost Wolf (author)tinker2342013-03-09

Your thinking of mythbusters

Descon (author)2010-01-19

Hey, nice idea with the bed liner, how well has this stayed on after a few months?

sig7707 (author)Descon2010-01-19

It has stayed on for about 9 months now.  None of it has come off.  I was actually involved in an accident where another car slid on some ice and hit me right in that door, right on the repair.  Even though it dented the door the repair held with no scratches.  It was funny the insurance adjuster thought it was factory applied stone guard and gave me another 200 bucks.  Anyway I am very happy with this stuff and no more rust.

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