With the Auto-Turret Project, you can automatically track down and fire upon your enemies! This project utilizes a Pixy camera module, a RobotGeek pan/tilt base, a foam dart gun, and a Geekduino to coordinate the components. The Pixy can be 'taught' to recognize different colors, and when it 'sees' an object with the matched color, it will send data to the Geekduino. The Geekduino will then move the pan and tilt servos so that the object is in the center of the Pixy's field of view. If the object stays still for too long, the foam dart gun will engage, firing a dart at the object!

Step 1: Project Parts List

This project is an amalgam of several RobotGeek kits. Each part is necessary to complete the kit as it is made in this guide.

If you would like to build this project and you already have an Arduino/Geekduino board, you can use the Robot Geek Pan and Tilt Kit w/ Servos instead of the RobotGeek Desktop RoboTurret. You should pick up a Sensor Shield for easier, safer wiring.

<p>Would it be possible to fit an automatic nerf gun into this?</p>
<p>I would say not with the servos and layout we're using. If you wanted to mount a heavier nerf weapon, I would either suggest going with more powerful Dynamixel actuators, or going with a design like this:<br><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Airsoft-Turret/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Airsoft-Tu...</a> <br>where the center of balance has been taken into account, so a heavier gun can be placed without additional stress to the servos.<br><br>Our code is set up to accommodate a nerf gun with multiple rounds, but getting much heavier with the physical configuration we've set up is likely to damage the servos.<br></p>
<p>Right, thanks for the response! I'll look into that link.</p>
<p>With a little more code you can make a self tracker for a GoPro</p>
<p>Very true! Also a super cool idea for just about any video project we can think of.</p>
<p>fallout 3 turret guns are reality! </p>
<p>This one doesn't have the payload that the ones in Fallout have, but it's certainly a step in that direction!</p>
<p>Very cool, dudes!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Would make a great sentry to compliment your standard home alarm system.
<p>That is an excellent idea! We've got some PIR sensors that we could link it to, maybe we'll start assailing anyone entering the server room with nerf darts.</p>
<p>That is an excellent observation. I was thinking much the same.</p>
Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing.
<p>Thank you for checking it out! We're always excited to bring these projects to the community to see what people do with them.</p>
<p>Can this output the video (digital or analog) it sees while it's tracking? It would be interesting to take the video feed to a pc and do external co-processing in real-time!</p>
<p>This can output video over USB from the Pixy Cam to a program called PixyMon, available on CMUcam's website. There are loads of features available within the program for real-time processing on your PC!</p>

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