I had order a bag of 100 rgb led so i get in thought to change any led in any device with rgb.. lol

Sorry this is my first instuctubleand it is a little mesh..

Step 1: Materials

1 pc fan transparent so the light can pass trough..

3 auto change rgb leds 5 mm

3 resistors 1 K om

40 cm thin cable
Nice project, seeing this was part of my inspiration to build a fully controllable RGB&nbsp;LED&nbsp;fan controller.&nbsp; I like the color changing effect but I&nbsp;wanted to be able to control it from the PC so I'm building one that uses an AVR&nbsp;microcontroller to independently control each RGB&nbsp;LED (my fan takes 4 LED's) as well as the fan speed.<br />
hope to see instructable about ths soon.... ;)
I made an Instructable about it last year, but I'm making a new design now that will support multiple fans. I also used Processing to create a music visualization with the flashing LED's. I have wired two more fans with 4-pin RGB LED's and will make the circuit boards this weekend, then install in my PC (Antec 900 case). I'll either edit my existing Instructable or make a new one with videos/pics of it.
Hey...nice instructable...u just gave me an idea... :P<br /> looking forward to build it soon... :D<br /> thanks for sharing... ;)<br />
<a href="http://www.ledshoppe.com/Product/led/LE1008.htm">www.ledshoppe.com/Product/led/LE2004.htm</a><br /> <a href="http://www.ledshoppe.com/Product/led/LE1008.htm">www.ledshoppe.com/Product/led/LE1008.htm</a><br /> <br /> Very reliable cheap RGB (and not only) LEDS<br /> check out!!!<br />
where did you get that many leds, and how much were they?
i order them from ebay and it came from china for about 25€ with transportation.
right, 25 for how many?
My fans are wired differently. Any chance i can just cut the wires connected to the current LEDs, and resolder the auto-changing LEDs to those wires? They are the same voltage as the ones in the fan already.
ofcourse you can.. just solder them right..
how bout a full rgb auto cycle plexi glass case mod
hope to have time to build soon.. i am in army now...
where we can buy 3 auto change rgb leds 5 mm?
you guys are smart. can i hook up a rgb led in parallel with the different colors such as: green to red , red to blue . and blue to green pls respond ty.
yes u can connect any color led as is powered to the same voltage... the leds i use they auto cycle colors... u can use rgb led with 4 pins so u can control wich color u want to light up.. if u search in this site u will find shematics for rgb led controllers... or u can do it manual with switch before every led.. best choise is to use a microcontroler an program it as u like...
also if anyone has some other idea on anything relative please post.....
for my first instructable is simple good.. i like the mixture of colors that it create... thanks alot......

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