Introduction: Auto Change RGB Led Fan for PC

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I had order a bag of 100 rgb led so i get in thought to change any led in any device with rgb.. lol

Sorry this is my first instuctubleand it is a little mesh..

Step 1: Materials

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1 pc fan transparent so the light can pass trough..

3 auto change rgb leds 5 mm

3 resistors 1 K om

40 cm thin cable

Step 2: Tools

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Solder Iron with fine tip..

solder stand helper..

hot glue gun.

optional dremel

Step 3: Preperation

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Solder the resistors with the anode of the leds as like the pic..

Desolder the old leds or in case of led fan and solder the rgb leds. if the hole is for 3mm led u should open it more with the solder iron or with dremel.


Make 3 holes as i tag them in foto with the Soldering iron or with a dremel in case of simple type fan.. in the size of ur rgb leds... Also u have to solder to wires to the red+ and -black in the back of the fan to power the leds..

Step 4: Fix...

Picture of Fix...

Put the led in the holes and glue them.....

connect the + cable to the resistors and - to the cathode of the led...

Dont connect the led in series, only parallel..

Step 5: Test Time...

Picture of Test Time...

Connected to ur pc or to ur supply unit ant test it..

if no led light up and fan is spinning u connect wrong the power or the resistors...


CalcProgrammer1 (author)2010-01-19

Nice project, seeing this was part of my inspiration to build a fully controllable RGB LED fan controller.  I like the color changing effect but I wanted to be able to control it from the PC so I'm building one that uses an AVR microcontroller to independently control each RGB LED (my fan takes 4 LED's) as well as the fan speed.

hope to see instructable about ths soon.... ;)

I made an Instructable about it last year, but I'm making a new design now that will support multiple fans. I also used Processing to create a music visualization with the flashing LED's. I have wired two more fans with 4-pin RGB LED's and will make the circuit boards this weekend, then install in my PC (Antec 900 case). I'll either edit my existing Instructable or make a new one with videos/pics of it.

Nawaz (author)2010-03-11

Hey...nice instructable...u just gave me an idea... :P
looking forward to build it soon... :D
thanks for sharing... ;)

agis68 (author)2009-10-16

Very reliable cheap RGB (and not only) LEDS
check out!!!

punkatsub (author)2009-07-08

where did you get that many leds, and how much were they?

ninjanody (author)punkatsub2009-07-18

i order them from ebay and it came from china for about 25€ with transportation.

punkatsub (author)ninjanody2009-07-18

right, 25 for how many?

ramroids55 (author)2009-07-14

My fans are wired differently. Any chance i can just cut the wires connected to the current LEDs, and resolder the auto-changing LEDs to those wires? They are the same voltage as the ones in the fan already.

ninjanody (author)ramroids552009-07-18

ofcourse you can.. just solder them right..

tinkerman92 (author)2009-06-07

how bout a full rgb auto cycle plexi glass case mod

ninjanody (author)tinkerman922009-07-18

hope to have time to build soon.. i am in army now...

circles122345 (author)2009-07-09

where we can buy 3 auto change rgb leds 5 mm?

akatsuki666 (author)2009-02-25

you guys are smart. can i hook up a rgb led in parallel with the different colors such as: green to red , red to blue . and blue to green pls respond ty.

ninjanody (author)akatsuki6662009-02-26

yes u can connect any color led as is powered to the same voltage... the leds i use they auto cycle colors... u can use rgb led with 4 pins so u can control wich color u want to light up.. if u search in this site u will find shematics for rgb led controllers... or u can do it manual with switch before every led.. best choise is to use a microcontroler an program it as u like...

ninjanody (author)2009-02-14

also if anyone has some other idea on anything relative please post.....

ninjanody (author)2009-02-14

for my first instructable is simple good.. i like the mixture of colors that it create... thanks alot......

cyrozap (author)2009-02-14


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