Auto-loading Spaghetti Pen Gun





Introduction: Auto-loading Spaghetti Pen Gun

What you need:

- A standard pen
- Some tape
- A stick of dry spaghetti
- Some kind of sharp object (screwdriver possibly)

We used to make these as kids at school. :)

NOTE: Sorry some people seem to have gotten the wrong idea. I should of been more clear of

Inside the pen is still the ink tube, the spring, and a little white cap the ink tube fits into.

when you push the ink stick in, it get stuck inside the cap. as you pull it back, it creates tension in the spring. When pull back the ink stick far enough the white cap pops off the ink stick and flies forward from the tension of the spring.

This strikes and shoots a small piece of spaghetti quite far.

Step 1: Break Pen in Half

Snap the pen where the coloured and transparent parts meet.

Step 2: Dig Out Button

Use a screw driver or sharp object to scrape away at the plastic at the top of the pen to remove the button.

Step 3: Enlarge Hole

Enlarge the side hole using a sharp object so that its just large enough for the very tip of the transparent bit to fit in.

Step 4: Start Construction

Place the transparent bit small side down into the hole, and tape in position.

Step 5: Finished

Continue taping making sure the "spaghetti feeder" is still in the hole.
Place in some spaghetti when you are done.

NOTE: What I've done here is a little bit wrong. I've notice that when the feeder is at an angle like this sometimes the spaghetti jumps out of the top. Its best to keep it straight if you can.

Step 6: Shoot Things!

Do this by pushing forward, then pulling back the ink tube.
You can do this over and over again and watch the spaghetti slowly go down into the gun as it gets shot out the front.

Fires quite far too.

Step 7: How It Works.

Quick pic.
Just to show you how it works and how extremely simple it is to use.
You can push the ink stick forward and pull it backward very rapidly firing a lot of spaghetti.



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    this seems GREAT!!! But what pen did you use I dont have a pen that is like that.

    Sweet. Although I'd rather have a tube that you fill with BB's that spaghetti, I like the concept of this. Can you just tell me what type of pen you are using?.

    What if you used an electric motor as Aeshir said, to power a reciprocating arm (a piston) which rapidly pushes and pulls back the ink bit? Rapid-fire! If you wanted to, you could scale this up and actually make it out of wood or metal or something. Then attach rapid-fire and mount it on a camera tripod! Would this mechanism qualify as a gatling gun or is it a semi-automatic? :) Nice detailed instructable, I'm growing fonder of these office/classroom warfare things every day.

    Wouldn't you have to slow the motor down a bit so that the spaghetti would have time to fall in place before it got shot out. if it was to fast nothing would come out the barrel.

    yeah your rubber band idea is good. it makes it even better.

    spaggeta needler cool ill probably b working on that

    Could this be done with a mechanical pencil?

    Can you put skewers in it???

    AHAHA I just got a great idea. What if you made a case like a needler from Halo and made a bunch of these and put em in the needler? SPAGHETTI NEEDLER! MWHAHAHA!