When power goes out in my home, this switch connects my

inverter to allow my sump pump to use inverted dc power automatically.


Relay k10p-11a15-120 (DPDT, 15A, 120VAC) JAMECO # 282247, $10.95

Deep plastic conduit box

Misc wire

Two male plugs

One female plug

I'm not sure if Home Depot has, I got mine on line (see description in parts list)
Hey man wondering where you got the relay from? Could I pick it up at home depot?
Thank you for your comments, there may be a lot of options here but this works for me
http://www.directindustry.com/prod/heyco/liquid-tight-strain-relief-cable-glands-11746-1103353.html neither the box nor the "connectors" are water resistant. This device doesn't need to be. It should be placed above flood level.
<p>Nice to see you used proper water-resistant box &amp; connectors. Instructable could use more detail and or a schematic to make it clearer. I've used this many times at remote sites for backup power switching, works great. Even if you don't have a 110vac relay you can just use an ac adaptor to match your relay voltage.</p>

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