Circle skirts are sewn from an extremely simple pattern, are fairly easy to make, and are great for going out dancing. The pattern is even easier to make if you've got access to AutoCAD (or other design software) and a large-format printer.

I happened across four or five yards of satin at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, and since most of my sewing is patchwork, haphazard, or otherwise patternless, I wanted some way to use this gorgeous fabric that didn't require a complicated pattern. I ended up going with a eight-panel design, with four larger (60-degree angle) panels from the solid blue satin alternating with four smaller (30-degree angle) panels from a lighter-weight printed fabric.

For the waistband, you can leave an allowance and put in an elastic band or drawstring, or (what I did) you can use a heavier fabric to make a waistband that laces up on each side. (Laces and grommets, oh my!)

Step 1: Gather Supplies.

What you need:
- 5-6 yards of fabric for the skirt (make the pattern to your dimensions first, then calculate how much fabric you need)
- 1/2 yard or so of heavier fabric for the waistband
- wide ribbon or trim, two lengths of cord or shoelace
- grommets & grommeting tool
- pair of pants that fits snugly on your waist and hips
- sewing machine, basic sewing supplies & skills
- AutoCAD software & large-format printer (not absolutely necessary, you can draw your pattern by hand on large sheets of paper)

Obviously, it's not worth going out and buying a copy of AutoCAD to draw up simple sewing patterns. But if you happen to have access to the software and a large-format printer and you know how to use them, well, why not?

The skirt is easy to make, comfortable, shiny, and awesome for dancing. I have to admit, though, that the best part is getting to tell my tech-geek friends that I designed it with AutoCAD.
black boots. are. AWESOME <333333333
Nicely explained and kinda funny to me because I do all my sewing patterns in Adobe Illustrator!
That's pretty clever. I will have to try that out.
Thanks! Let me know how it goes, if you do.

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