Step 25: Thanks!

Hello again! I would just like to say thanks again for reading or watching this tutorial. I am hoping that you can take the information from this tutorial and place it into your own parts and later assemblies. I'll post a tutorial on that later, but not now obviously.

Matthew L. Enderle

January 1, 2011
Great video, enjoyed it. The only thing I would comment on as a HS Cad teacher, I try to get my students to NOT delete their Dimensions before turning the sketch into a feature. The great thing about inventor is that you can go back to any step and change any one thing, if you keep the dimensions on that make changes quicker and easier and the dimensions go away anyway when you make it a feature (extrude , rotate whatever).
I forgot to metion that you can see my latest project which is a computer that was designed entirely inside Autocad. <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/iDeciduous-The-Wooded-Computer-Case/
Thanks! I mainly delete the dimensions myself since I manually add them later. I personally like the slate to be clean and then in the sketch I like to manually add them so that I can position them the best way so I can read them and make them.
Nice Work Matthew. You put a great deal of time into it! Best of luck with the contest! Is it too late for others to vote yet?
yep... And thanks dan?
YAY 300th! Hope you Win!!!
I voted Matt <br>you da man!
THANKS&gt;&gt;&gt; YOU DA TEACH!
Wow... i can't wait to show off in class now! It's cool we use the same software...<br>Will you do more kewl thangs?!
Yea... i second this... will you?!
Yes I am making more... next is Frame Generator!
Majorbudbud... LOL
cool! this is an expensive software!
You actually can get it free! <br>Read the &quot;Get AutoCad:&quot; section on the intro!
Do I get the professional version?
yes you do. fully registered, same as mine.
what does the 3 year license mean?
You can continue installing and activating the program for 3 years. Did you sign up at student.autodesk.com? You then need to download Inventor. Currently it won't let you activate, I will need to help you on that. Tell me when it is installed.
I'm so sorry. My dad says he doesn't want anything installed on my computer. It was very nice of you to do what you did though. And the email, well that I won't mess with. Thanks again.
This is very, very useful! Thanks for sharing. I dare not begin to learn autocad now, I have so many projects that I do not have time. In addition, &quot;old dog not learning new tricks&quot;
it is still a great thing to know.

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