Autodesk Acquires Instructables: What It Means for Makers


Step 3: It's Not About the Instructables Members or Web Traffic

Picture of It's Not About the Instructables Members or Web Traffic

Instructables has about 2 million members and about 50M pageviews per month. That’s a juicy chunk of traffic, but Autodesk doesn’t run a single ad-supported site, they don’t have ad sales teams, and Autodesk didn’t buy Instructables to compete in a race-to-the-bottom for advertising dollars and CPMs. Autodesk isn’t going to be Huffington Post or Gawker. What does Autodesk have?

Autodesk has 10+ million users globally.
800,000 companies use their software.
1.2 million future designer professionals trained each year.
Autodesk software is used in more than 50,000 educational institutions worldwide.
More than 2 million students are trained on Autodesk products each year.
17 million downloads of DWF Viewer.

But, they don’t have a community around all these people (and the specific tools) like Instructables has (more on that later).
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