Introduction: Arduino Base Auto Direction Robot

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it is the robot that move by avoiding obstacles. it sens the object and view surround and keep going where free space is available.

Step 1: Component Need

Picture of Component Need
  1. 4 dc motors
  2. 1 motor driver
  3. cables
  4. few jumper cable
  5. ultrasonic sensor
  6. arduino(here i use pro mini 5V)
  7. servo
  8. pcb
  9. motor clamp
  10. wood piece
  11. some tape
  12. battery(12V)
  13. ultrasonic sensor stand
  14. some skrue

Step 2: Make Frame

Picture of Make Frame

attach motor clamp to wood piece with skrues.

Step 3: Motor Connection

Picture of Motor Connection

connect motor in clamp and connect wire to motor.and check connection proper or not. and deside the front part of robot and connect servo motor

Step 4: Ultrasonic Sensor & Motor Driver

Picture of Ultrasonic Sensor & Motor Driver

connect ultrasonic sensor to stand and mount on motor. make wire that to connect with arduino. also connect the wire to motor driver.

Step 5: Main Processing Bord

Picture of Main Processing Bord

make the circuit as picture diagram. use male and female header for connect components like servo, ultrasonic sensor, motor driver etc.

Step 6: Final Connection

Picture of Final Connection

arrange the component on frame and wire all the component to circuit. connect battery or any other 12V dc supply to motor driver and connect 5V supply to arduino board.

Step 7: Program Arduino

program the arduino by this program. i use FTDI programer to programe arduino pro mini.

Step 8: Final Work


Swansong (author)2017-11-17

Great simple build, thanks for sharing :)

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