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With winter break off college comes boredom, and with boredom comes fun with PVC and arduino!

In about two hours, we hacked together a basic servo-controlled automatic airsoft target. The target moves, allowing us to improve our skills before they're tested in the field.

Step 1: Acquire Parts

For this project, we used:

1) Arduino Uno
2) 2X Hi-Tec HS-311 hobby servos (180deg rotation - link)
3) roughly 10' of 1/2" CPVC pipe (regular PVC also works... we just had extra)
4) Scrap plastic for the levers (we used bits from a NERF tripod)
5) Dental floss (fishing line would've been better)
6) 12V, 6A power supply for arduino & servo control (connects directly to the arduino jack - link)
7) Two 1/2" CPVC right angle connectors 
8) Two 1/2" CPVC T connectors
9) Spare cardboard for the target
10) A nutri-grain bar (LOL) and duct tape to weight down the cardboard. Can use pretty much anything here.

The pipe and pipe connectors we found at Lowes. It's also helpful to have a pair of pipe cutters handy to ensure clean cuts on the CPVC. A drill is also required for the lift holes
Yo, neat ible but you lost me with “Ghetto Style”; there are so many it is difficult to adjust my thinking to any one in particular.

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