Picture of Automated Low Watt LED Mini Greenhouse
In this instructable you will learn how to build a mini green house, with timed grow lights.

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Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
You may not want or need as much insulation as I used. Its very cold where I live. It is not a thing of beauty and was build strictly to function as a place to start plants and extend our very short growing season. It hides in our garage.

So far it has been a constant 58 degrees inside the greenhouse. I have started only cold friendly plants. It likely gets a bit chillier when the lights go off.


Many times you can find some of what you need for free on,, or trusty A thrift store is another good place to check for some of these items.

Shelf with 5 shelves $50.00
8 LED grow light panels $240.00
Roll of sheet plastic $12.00
2 Power strips $10.00
2 Timers $14.00
1 Thermometer $ 2.50
Trays $3.00

Total: About 331.50 (plus tax)

Time of useful life. The only element I expect not to last for at least 10 years are the LED panels.

Things I had on hand:

old blanket
cotton cord
zip ties
staple gun
blinder clips
bubble wrap
duct tape
some lattice panel to
keep the barn cats out


  • LEDWholesalers on  2 orders - 900 LED Grow light 4 Red + Blue Hydroponic Lamp Panels. They have a few negative comments but for the most part they get 5 stars.
  • My shelf was a bargain apparently. I cant find these very cheap online.
  • Make sure the timers are the grounded type (three prong.)
  • The power strips plug into the timers.
  • The LED panels go into the power strips.

Step 2: Build shelf

Picture of Build shelf
Assemble shelf per directions that come with shelf.

Step 3: Test LED Panels

Picture of Test LED Panels
Test all of your panels. Plug them in and inspect them for flaws. You may need to send them back and its easier to do when they are not attached.
Good work! Can I suggest to buy just for a little more money a good anti-fungus black outside - white inside Polyethylen cover? Next step for you Hydroponics! Good luck with those little charms...