Automated Sad Cat Fixer





Introduction: Automated Sad Cat Fixer

Automated cat food dispenser - Start by assembling the program for the servo. Servo is meant to move 120 degrees when the light sensor is uncovered it will dispense more food out once the bowl is dry coming out the top food storage into the cat food bowl.

Step 1: Assemble the Servo

When programming is complete assemble the servo with Arduino.

Step 2: Making Cat Food Bowl

Use ruler, scissors, and glue gun to assemble the cardboard to make the prototype.

Step 3: Hangry Feeder Being Assembled

Assemble hangry feeder shoot and bowl, using cardboard, glue, and scissors.

Step 4: Adding Top Food Bowl and Base

Assembling the top bowl for extra food and the base so the "Hangry Feeder" is stable.

Step 5: Servo With Trap Door

Using glue gun and cardboard, the servo is attached using glue to represent a trap door that opens 120 degrees.



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That's a great simple and cost effective way to make one :)