I started this project two years ago to blend two of my favorite things, make technology and grow plants. Today I will show you a step by step guide of how to build an automated hydroponic led indoor.

To make the machine more comprehensible, we will see four sub-systems and call them:

  1. The Buddha subsystem. Is in charge of bringing light and so enabling the photosynthesis and others necessary process for the plants's physiology.
  2. The Aquarius subsystem. Is in charge of recirculating the hydroponic solution.
  3. The Prana subsystem. is in charge of renewing the air and maintaining the correct levels of CO2, humidity and why not temperature too.
  4. The Human Interface subsystem. is in charge of bringing the human interface to operate the machine, and also the M2M communication that enables to interact with the machine from anywhere in the world.

Knowing that, let's start with the first step.

Step 1: Choosing Where

You can choose the place you like the most. In my place I chose a vintage refrigerator for several reasons, perhaps the most important one was to recycle and give new functions to beautiful objects from the past. Remember that if you use natural resources such as sunlight, wind and rain water, your hydroponic machine will be more friendly to the environment.

<p>I will be making a similar system but on a smaller scale, The main idea is using a fish tank, ill let you know how it goes</p>
<p>hi i am olivia shadwick and i am doing hydroponics for scince fair thank for all your help </p>
<p>And what about the hydroponic solution? May you share with us the recipe?<br>Thank You!</p>
<p>Beautiful refrdgeerator! </p>

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