Picture of Automatic 360 Degrees Panorama Shooting Stand
What I made is a shooting stand that holds a smartphone and turns it around while it captures a 360 degrees panorama! In my case it is an iPod, but it does not matter, anything works.

It has two axles and turns the phone all around just as you would do to shoot the panorama.

All you will need except from the shooting stand is an application that will shoot the panorama for you. Just turn in on and power up the panorama shooting stand, that's it.

Watch the video:

I have entered the 3D print contest, so if you like my creation, please vote for me :)

A few panoramas I made:




#1 - 12 July 2013 - Arduino code 03 replaced with 04 version.
#2 - 15 July 2013 - Added new Step 13. Reworked the propulsion system for the horizontal rotation. Now with gears.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
Basic materials:
  • Two servos
  • Arduino
  • Plastic material
  • Screws and glue
  • Cables
  • Knife
  • Drill with bits
  • Screw driver
  • Pliers
WORMSS11 months ago

I could be wrong, but is the Panorama not meant to rotate around the Camera's point of centre? not the phone's point of centre? In both the X and Y axis? Meaning the phone needs to be more to the left (or right depending on what side you are looking at). and MUCH MUCH lower down so it is inline with where the motor is?

camwifi2 years ago
EngJohn2 years ago
I love the work keep it up to me it have worked
hertzgamma (author)  EngJohn2 years ago
Thank you!
It's only a matter of time before I figure out how to fix an airsoft gun onto something like this.
Shouldn't be too difficult ... just increase the size and torque of the motors, the power supply accordingly, and the strength of the chassis.

Now, if you want it to auto-track, that's a whole different story ...
hertzgamma (author)  [THECREATOR]2 years ago
I'm curious to see it. :D
jadebird2 years ago
What is the "plastic material" ? Where do you get them ?
nix782 years ago
Very simple yet very effective! I believe it would also work with Photosphere on Android phones. However the current arrangement (having the camera this far from the ritational axis) casues some so-called parallax errors (see the tiles or the edge of the grass on your panoramas). I recommend modifying the holder "cage" so that the whole rig turns around the center of the camera both vertically and horizontally. See the first picture here: http://www.bartneck.de/2013/06/16/spherical-360-degree-panorama-with-lego-mindstorms-motorized-head/  (it's also a bit off-axis, but better) (it also worth noting that doing the horizontal circles slowly but contiunouisly probably reduces the "twitching" that is caused by stopping for a photo.)
hertzgamma (author)  nix782 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions! I've already changed my design and will reflect the instructable soon. Now I've put gears for the horizontal spin.

As you say it will be best to have the rig turn the device around the camera. That is worth trying. I think this is a problem when panoramas of close objects are made and any ways it is much better centred than what it would be holding the device.
Rob3112 years ago
How do you run the sketch? Is it connected to a computer the whole time?
hertzgamma (author)  Rob3112 years ago
Once you upload the sketch to the Arduino you can go on to battery power and there is no need to run a PC.
thinkthank2 years ago
very good idea