Automatic Bipod





Introduction: Automatic Bipod

A simple but clever design for a perfect bipod
If you like it, feel free to use it in your Instructable. (but give me some credit if you do)

Parts list

- white 11
- blue 1
- yellow 2
- red 4

- dark grey 4
- light grey 4
- red 2
- white 2

- ball socket connector 1
- ball connector 1
- joint thingy 2

- rubber band

for the mlcad users

Step 1: Part 1

Build this

Step 2: Part 2

Make 2 of this

Step 3: Part 3

And at last this

Step 4: Assembly

Put everything together
and ad a rubber band



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    75 Discussions

    awesome I used this for my knex sniper

    Thank You, I now have an alternate bipod for the Z35 assault rifle, hate the original.the only change is that instead of a Ball-and-Socket connector i put a grey connctor, green rod then grey connctor, allowing twist and tilt

    Thanks, Hedzup456

    Do you mean a yellow rod in place of the blue one or a yellow connector instead of the red one?

     It would be to long, if you do that you get a diamond shape.
    Not very pratical for a bipod.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggghrrrrrrrrrrrrr im makin a new gun and i dnt have enough pieces to do ascope AND a bipod which shud i do!?!

    2 replies

    Awesome. 5stars

    sweet thanks  put it on my  crossbow