Automatic Blinds With Arduino. Controlled by Android-TV Remote-Buttons-Clock





Introduction: Automatic Blinds With Arduino. Controlled by Android-TV Remote-Buttons-Clock

Hello there !

First Instructable....

Everyday in the morning i open up the blind at 8:00am and i shut it down @ 19:00pm , So i decided to automate the entire procedure .

i use an Arduino pro mini 5v ,Encoder for current position, RTC clock for time ,a bluetooth module , IR reciever from an old TV set, a MG995 Metal Gear Servo, i added also 3 buttons UP STOP DOWN.

The idea is to open and close the blinds automatically throuth the Servo in specific time of the day , also by demand from Momentary Push Buttons , Android app , or my TV remote control !!

Step 1: Step 1 : Stuff Used

  • 1 Arduino Pro Mini atmega328 5V 16M
  • 2 Momentary switch
  • 1 Servo MG995 Metal Gear High Speed Torque (HACKED FOR 360 Rotation) 360 Hack
  • 1 Bluetooth Serial Port Module for Arduino
  • 1 IR receiver
  • 1 Blinds chain and Gear (from an old - spare blind)
  • 1 Rotary Encoder
  • 6 Screw Headers
  • 1 5v voltage regulator
  • 1 Capacitor
  • Some aluminium DIY parts to make the base structure of the mechanism

Step 2: Making the PCB.

I made a Fritzing project for the board , some of the componets solderd with cables.Like IR , RTC and Buttons

Step 3: Step:3 Hardware Installation.

This part have 3 sections,

  1. The servo and gear position
  2. The Encoder Installation (This item will tell arduino the current position of the blind)
  3. Box that will house the board.

The Servo and the Gear is installed in an aluminion sheet bended in L shape, with a piece of wood in the end of the structure to work like holder.

the Encoder is hot glued in a rotated part of the blind with a small aluminium stopper to hold the position and read the current height of the blind

Step 4: Step 4:Arduino Code and Android App



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Also wheres the capacitor you said you added?

Did you also add a RTC? will this set up work stand alone once programmed or does it always need to be connected via BT to the phone?

What if you want to control multiple at a same time?


can you be more specific?

i would use multiple servos and multiple encoders

No, I mean I only see single position control for single motor in Android app.

Is there a way in Android App for let's say 20 different motors to be controlled at the same time?

If Android app is linked with Tasker then the possiblities of this will be endless (of course we need to have source code for that)


Thanks a lot i Appreciated